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How to share Pi SOLO photos and videos to my friends who doesn't have Pi SOLO?

You can share photos and videos to SNS for your friends in Pi SOLO APP:

  1. Share to Facebook: Pi SOLO photos and videos can be shared to Facebook. Your friends can experience 360 photos and video directly in the post of the Facebook. (Please refer to "How to -> 3. How to share 360 photos to Facebook?")
  2. You can also share them to other SNS such as LINE, twitter or Instagram in Pi SOLO APP. (Please refer to "How to -> 4. How to share photos or videos to SNS, such as LINE, twitter, and Instagram?")
  3. It is suggested to download Pi SOLO APP and import shared photos and videos to fully experience them. (Please refer to "How to -> 5. How to locate the photos you downloaded and view them directly on your phone through the Pi SOLO APP?")
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