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Updated : 03 January 2019
version : 1.18.11


The APP complements the Pi SOLO immersive lifestyle camera with advanced camera controls, live preview, unique and creative features, social sharing, live streaming, media management, and more. 

Key Features

  • Immersive Imaging — Create amazing close-up selfies, gorgeous landscape panoramas, and architecture captures with Pi SOLO's ultra wide angle and powerful features. 

  • AR Planet — Create a unique and super-fun twist of selfies or group photos with a special version of little-planet projection and AR themes, making them the most popular social media posts.

  • Aftershot Editing — Capture everything in the now moment in immersive views, then re-frame to angles of perfect storytelling

  • Extra Controls — Live image/video preview, preset scene modes, white-balance modes, exposure compensation, manual settings (e.g. ISO, shutter time), self-timer, and more.

  • Advanced Editing — Apply special image projections (spherical/360, wide-angle, little-planet), enhancement filters, and calibration tools for awesome results to be published.

  • Social Sharing — Share to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms. (e.g. 360 images supported by Facebook and Line; 360 videos supported by Facebook)

  • Live Streaming — Live-stream over Facebook Live 360 to share the immersive experiences of live events and adventures in real time. 


The Pi Solo App is optimized for iOS 9.3.5 ~ iOS 12.x and compatible with Android 5.1 ~ Android 9.x. For the best user experience, please make sure your devices are supported as mentioned.


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Updated : 29 June 2017
version : 1.0

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